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Our Mission

LADD is guided by the belief that every person has ability and value, we empower adults with developmental disabilities to live, work, and connect.

Our Vision

Our work propels the inclusion and success of people with disabilities, the impact of which is felt positively throughout our community. LADD inspires others to see strength in diversity.

To fulfill this mission and achieve our vision, the priorities for the next five years are:

  • Community development and partnerships in housing and cultural diversity initiatives
  • Creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Meeting the growing demand for our services and increasing the types of services
  • Building an organizational culture that values innovation, transparency, health and wellness and reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence in our day to day operations
Artwork By Michael Weber

LADD Board

Browse the current Board of Directors.

LADD Board Officers

Board Chair

Vallie Geier


David G. Kralli


Robert F. Jung, CFA


Julie Thomas

Vice President

Shelley F. Goering

Vice President

Robert M. Zimmerman

Assistant Treasurer

Patrick J. Matthews


Robert H. Anning, III

Mark Clippinger

Jennifer A. Funk

Emily G. Vollmer

Gary R. Gilbert

Will Goering

Robert “Chip” Heidt, III

Terri Hogan

Melanie Hynden

Kush V. Kotecha

Betsy Mullin

Maggie Palazzolo

Kathleen Sheil

Christy McCarthy

Advisory Board

Poppy Hawkins

Francie Hiltz

Mary G. Hobson

Marie Huenefeld

John Lanier

Kate Lawrence

Michael S. McGraw

Donald L. Mellott, Jr.

Esther Lee Pederson

Charles A. Pettengill

Jeremy F. Simpson

Alison Zimmerman

Phyllis Breen

Christopher A. Carlson

Anthony G. Esposito

Gary J. Gruber

Karri Haffner

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Brownknight

Empowering adults with developmental disabilities since 1975

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