Forever, Home Campaign Overview

LADD launched the Forever, Home campaign to raise funds in support of building a safe and affordable integrated housing model for adults with developmental disabilities in Greater Cincinnati. The project seeks to increase independence through training and cutting-edge technology, with the ultimate goal to scale locally, then regionally and statewide to cut costs and change the standard of care.

The full project vision is built on the following core components:

Building or remodeling 6-8 homes for adults with developmental disabilities located in desirable, walkable neighborhoods close to amenities like grocery stores, shopping centers, and public transportation; 3-4 people will live in each home

Developing a Technology Training Pilot by equipping people with wearable technology and training them to use it to provide increased safety and self-sufficiency; the pilot will be implemented across all homes
Building and outfitting one Smart Supports Home with adaptive and accessible technology, like voice-controlled lights and appliances

Provide comprehensive skills-based training, such as learning to prepare meals, maintain health, and connect people with supported employment and other opportunities for community engagement

Forever, Home is the future of care for people with disabilities and is unique because of its innovative approach to create systems change. LADD is pioneering the effort to utilize integrated housing and technology supports to replicate and scale a model, increasing long-term independence while improving the quality of life and wellbeing for the adults with developmental disabilities served.

The first home was completed in August 2018 in Blue Ash. Below is a video from the reveal day when the four people moved into their “forever home”.

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