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Health and wellness is one of LADD’s six values.  We believe that feeling good is critical to fulfilling one’s potential.  As such, LADD with the support of our annual campaign donors, has launched a vigorous health and wellness program that provides the people we support a multitude of LADD exclusive options to live an active and healthy lifestyle:

  • Trips- Ladd has recently expanded its travel activities by adding some adventure trips! In August a group headed to West Virginia to do some White Water Rafting! (Jesse has photos and Kristin has some video files at home.)
  • Activities As we encourage healthy lifestyle changes, we recognize the importance of variety when it comes to creating interest among such a diverse group. In order to provide this variety we have created programs such as Weekend Wellness, Wednesday Walking Group, Fit for Life, Mindfulness, Yoga, Bike Club, Adventure Club, Club Ladd Basketball, Blast Class, etc..
  • Sports Leagues (include the St. X video here) link to video: Jesse should have this… We are entering our second year of Club Ladd Basketball. Our St. X volunteers will be partnering with our crew for a second year of fun, exercise, and friendship.
  • Races and race training After participating for many years in the Flying Pig Marathon, Ladd has begun partnering with other local races such as the Foam Glow, The Color Run, The Amazing Charity Race, and the Morgan’s Triathlon. Next year we will be adding the Beast of the East Fork obstacle course 5k!
  • Individual consultation- In order to support the belief that Ladd serves individuals and their specific needs the wellness program makes sure to provide personal wellness plans and opportunities based on each person’s interest, goals, and abilities
  • Kroger partnership- Ladd has begun participation in Kroger’s Zero Waste Policy. We have collaborated in using meal kit donations to decrease waste as well as promote healthy, portioned meals and independent cooking.
  • REI partnership- REI has been working with Ladd throughout 2018 to create and promote a program called “Outdoor Accessibility for All.” We meet monthly rotating between REI and various community locations.;geo_r
  • Cincinnati Sports Club partnership- This new partnership is in the early stages, but we are happy to announce that starting in 2019 we will be offering our quarterly “Family Wellness Events” at the Cincinnati Sports Club!
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